The deadline for abstract submission: 20 February 2014

Announcement of accepted papers: 31 March 2014

Announcement of Program: 15 April 2014

Symposium: 28-30 April 2014

Open to: All Social Studies Educators (Academicians, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Teachers) All EU and non-EU academics, researchers, actors in government, civil society, local authorities

Venue: 28-30 April 2014, Ankara, TURKEY


Remuneration:  A fee of $100, which includes Symposium materials and coffee breaks, will apply.



As Gazi University & Association for Social Studies Educators, we are organizing the third international symposium titled as “International Symposium on Social Studies Education III: “Educational Chess: Education System of Turkey, 444 and Social Studies” in Ankara, Turkey.

Although the main theme of the symposium is ‘Educational Chess: Education System of Turkey, 4+4+4 and Social Studies’ you can present your research results in any emphasis area of social studies education. Sub-themes of the symposium are as follows:

4+4+4 and Social Studies
Social studies and citizenship education in primary schools
Teacher education and allocation: Pre-service and in-service education

Pupils’ education

Social studies and citizenship curricula in early years; what has changed?

Social studies and citizenship education in middle schools

Citizenship and human rights education in high schools

Population in the Context of Social Sciences, Brain Circulation, Diversity and Immigration

Diversity and scope of migration problems experienced by Turkish students in Germany

Current developments in Turkey in social studies education and evaluation from the perspective of Germany

Social Media and Democracy

Social media; political and social activism

Social participation, democracy and human rights

Resources of information, political knowledge and social media

Educational technology and social participation

The EU and Social Studies in Turkish Education System

The EU, lifelong learning and human rights and citizenship education

The new trends in education in EU

The impact of the EU on Turkish education system (the new projects and programs)

Human rights and democracy projects of EU

Globalization and Values Education

Globalization and values education

Values education and social studies

Values/religious education and values

Values; International perspectives

Special Education and Social Studies

Pupils with special educational needs and social studies

Educating gifted pupils and social studies

Gifted students and BİLSEMs in Turkish Education system

Societal change and special education

Social Studies in Higher Education

Graduate social studies in Turkey

Postgraduate social studies in Turkey

Social studies education abroad


‘Social studies’ some thoughts and discussion on its name and scope


Selected papers in the symposium will get entitled to be published in participating international scientific journals. To get more information about the symposium please visit our website  at http://usbes.gazi.edu.tr/


The Turkish and international educators that will attend the symposium will bring about desired exchange of knowledge and experiences about the issues covered by this symposium. We would like to welcome your papers and thank to you for your contribution in advance.


The Symposium aims at All Social Studies Educators (Academicians, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Teachers) All EU and non-EU academics, researchers, actors in government, civil society, local authorities.


A fee of $100, which includes symposium materials and coffee breaks, will apply. In case of accepted papers with multiple authors only one of them will take the grant. For the rest of the authors who want to participate at the Symposium, the participation fee is $100. Accompanying persons or persons without presentation who want to attend the Symposium must pay the Symposium fee.

There is no funding available for traveling and accomadation.


Please click this link: [click> usbes form en <click] to fill the Registration and Abstract Submission Form and e-mail it to [>usbes@gazi.edu.tr <]


For more information please visit the website of the symposium at http://usbes.gazi.edu.tr/