4+4+4 and Social Studies

  • Social studies and citizenship education in primary schools
  • Teacher education and allocation: Pre-service and in-service education
  • Pupils’ education
  • Social studies and citizenship curricula in early years; what has changed?
  • Social studies and citizenship education in middle schools
  • Citizenship and human rights education in high schools

Population in the Context of Social Sciences, Brain Circulation, Diversity and Immigration

  • Diversity and scope of migration problems experienced by Turkish students in Germany
  • Current developments in Turkey in social studies education and evaluation from the perspective of Germany

Social Media and Democracy

  • Social media; political and social activism
  • Social participation, democracy and human rights
  • Resources of information, political knowledge and social media
  • Educational technology and social participation

The EU and Social Studies in Turkish Education System

  • The EU, lifelong learning and human rights and citizenship education
  • The new trends in education in EU
  • The impact of the EU on Turkish education system (the new projects and programs)
  • Human rights and democracy projects of EU

Globalization and Values Education

  • Globalization and values education
  • Values education and social studies
  • Values/religious education and values
  • Values; International perspectives

Special Education and Social Studies

  • Pupils with special educational needs and social studies
  • Educating gifted pupils and social studies
  • Gifted students and BİLSEMs in Turkish Education system
  • Societal change and special education

Social Studies in Higher Education

  • Graduate social studies in Turkey
  • Postgraduate social studies in Turkey
  • Social studies education abroad


  • ‘Social studies’ some thoughts and discussion on its name and scope